MSNano is a European-funded network of 8 theoretical groups in Europe and Asia that are working on the modelling of spectroscopies within the multiple scattering framework. It will run until August 2016. Ultimately, it will provide users a dedicated website where computing codes for the characterization of materials will be available for download. In addition to the codes, Manuals, courses on multiple scattering and spectroscopies will also be available. One workshop is organized every year and it is open to all people interested.

    Information on these workshops can be obtained from the Events page.

    These codes will cover a wide range of spectroscopies including XAS, DAFS/REXS/RIXS, PED/AED, ARPES, LEED, EELS, STM/BEEM, (1e, 2/3e).Codes can be obtained from the Download page.

    Any inquiries concerning MSNano should be made to its coordinator (Didier Sébilleau) or to the corresponding Work Package leader if more focused (see Work Packages page).

News: Our friend and colleague of MSNano Wu Ziyu passed away on the 23rd of March 2015. He was the head of WP1 and of the USTC group. A short biography of him is available here.

News: The next MSNano workshop will take place in Rennes (France) on July the 1st and 2nd 2016.

More information can be found in the Events page.